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Group / Home Care2011-03-13T01:31:51-04:00

The staff of Hunt Valley Pharmacy can fill prescriptions, prepare compound drugs and deliver medications to patients’ at their homes or to group home facilities . This convenient approach saves time and the need to pick up prescriptions, enabling family members and others to focus on other aspects of the patient’s care.

We work with the patient’s medical staff to ensure the patient receives the drugs necessary, when they are needed — at the location they where the wish to receive it.

Among the group homes we work with are:

Broadmead, Mercy Ridge, Stella Maris, Mays Chapel Ridge, and others.

For patients in homes or group facilities, we provide bubble-packaged medications.

These packs provide patients with a full month supply of medicine, with separate packaging for each day ensuring that patients receive the right medication on the right day.